By The Numbers: Opening Day Of Johnston County Schools

On the opening day of the traditional calendar school year today (Monday), 292 Buses drove 26,370 miles to pick up children for the first day.

34,934 students attended the first day of classes Monday, up from 34,029 the first day in 2016-17.

Corinth Holders High had the largest enrollment of any campus Monday with 1,857 students up from 1,735 last year on opening day.

Last year 35,484 students were enrolled in Johnston County Public Schools.

Superintendent Dr. Ross Renfrow (center) greets new Corinth Holders High Principal Robert Daniels (right) on the first day of school. Standing with them is Johnston County Board of Education member Todd Sutton (left).

Buses will drive more than 4.2 million miles this year and use more than 650,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Approximately 3.9 million meals will be served this year.

4.1 million cartons of milk will be consumed.  That would take 418 cows an entire school year to produce or one giant cow 90 years.

61 languages are now spoken in public schools. The largest percentages are Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Danish.

64 countries outside the US are represented including 50 Visiting International students.

2 new schools opened Monday, Swift Creek Middle School on Norris Road and the Innovation Academy at South Campus.

Swift Creek Middle had 586 students to enroll on Monday.

JCPS has 46 school campuses for 2017-18.

Johnston County Schools total size is 1,631 acres.

The combined size of all JCPS facilities is more than 7.1 million square feet.  That is bigger than the world’s largest museum plus the world’s largest palace plus the world’s largest shipbuilding hall plus Amazon’s Distribution Center in Texas.

JCS provides medical treatment to 99,000 students each year.  That’s 560 per day which is the same as the WakeMed Emergency Room.

Every day JCPS teachers provide 7 hours of instruction to more than 35,400 students.  Combined that’s more than 53 million instructional hours each year or 10,000 years.

Did you know… None of this is possible without you and your support.