Car, Moped Burn After Fiery Hit And Run Crash

A 38 year-old woman was injured after her moped collided with a car Sunday night and burst into flames. The moped, which was on fire, was drug 541 feet by the driver before she stopped her car. The front of the car was also engulfed in flames.

The accident happened on Fairground Road in the Dunn city limits.

Dunn Police said Elma Largent Matthews, 65, of Dunn was traveling north of Fairground Road in her car when a moped operated by Andrea Byrd of Dunn attempted to make a left turn. Her moped became lodged under the front of the car.

Ms. Matthews told police the moped rider was operating in the highway without any headlights and that she did not see Byrd prior to the crash.  Matthews claimed she panicked after the crash because of the fire and being unable to release her seat belt drove, with the flaming moped under the car, until reaching her apartment building.

Numerous callers reported the fiery crash.

Byrd was transported to Wake Med for treatment.

Dunn Police charged Ms. Matthews with driving on a revoked license and hit and run. The accident still remains under investigation.

Photos by John Payne