Chandler Koewler Takes Oath As Smithfield Police Officer

Officer Chandler Stone Koewler is the Town of Smithfield’s newest police officer.  Koewler received his Oath on August 4th from Smithfield Mayor Andy Moore.

Koewler was hired to fill a vacancy on the patrol division. He has always wanted to be a police officer and this is his first job in law enforcement.

Officer Koewler was born in Sacramento, California and moved to North Carolina in 2004. After graduating from Wake County Schools, he moved to Johnston County and enrolled in Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) at Johnston Community College.

“After graduating from the JCC BLET program, I was hired on with Smithfield and enjoy coming to work to serve the citizens and the visitors of (the) Town every day. As time goes on and my career progresses, I hope to move up in ranks and one day be the Chief of Police,” Koewler said.