Child Struck In Front Of Charter School

Charges have been filed against the driver of a SUV that struck a student in front of Neuse Charter School in Smithfield.

The 12 year-old student had just gotten out of her mother’s Kia in front of the school when she was hit from behind.

Smithfield Police said the student was standing behind her mother’s car getting items out the back when a SUV rolled forward briefly pinning the young girl between the two vehicles.

Police said Beth Rhodes May, 33, of Four Oaks had diverted her attention to her children in her 2011 GMC and her foot slipped off the brake pedal causing her SUV to roll forward. After striking the child, May backed her vehicle away.

According to an accident report the child was injured but her mother did not wish for an ambulance to be called to the scene. Instead the mother said she would take her daughter to receive medical attention.

May was cited by police for failing to reduce speed to cause an accident. No other injuries were reported.