Class Of 1966 Holding 50th Reunion This Weekend

SSS-1966-Class-Reunion-insideIt will be a big weekend for the Smithfield High School Class of 1966. The graduates will celebrate their 50th class reunion on Saturday.

A total of 130 graduates from the class later became business owners, lawyers, educators, homemakers, dentists, pharmacists, musicians, police officers, bankers, writers, artists, nurses, engineers, and valuable members of their communities.

The 1966 Smithfield High class was the first class since 1933 to graduate without A.G. Glenn as the Principal.

During their high school years the group saw a changing world.  President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the Beatles and their music invaded the United States, black and white television was transitioning to color, and the miniskirt was a fashion rage.

They also faced adversity with the Vietnam War intensifying. Many classmates were drafted or volunteered and eventually served in the Vietnam War.

But they had a lot to celebrate. In 1966, the baseball team won the Southern Division Championship of the Capital Area Conference.

In 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson was President. The Dow Jones hit 950 that year following a low of 744.  Unemployment was at 4.5%. The entire federal debt was $328 billion.  A new home cost $23,300.  A postage stamp was a nickel. Regular gasoline was 32 cents a gallon. A dozen eggs was 60 cents and a gallon of milk was 99 cents.

Seven members of the graduating class attended Tuesday’s meeting of the Smithfield Town Council to receive a proclamation from Mayor Andy Moore thanking the graduates for the contributions they have made to the community and to wish them well as they celebrate their 50th reunion. Photo