Clayton Chamber Calls For Unity Between School Board And County Commissioners

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce is calling for unity between the Johnston County Board of Education and Johnston County Commissioners.

“With education being a key pillar of the Clayton Chamber’s mission, we find it extremely important to advocate for our community in regards to these important issues,” said Lydia Davis, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Clayton Chamber.

“At this pivotal time in our county, the Clayton Chamber of Commerce supports unity and leadership between JCPS Board of Education and the County Commissioners,” the release stated. “This is an opportunity to set a path forward to provide sound educational institutions to our students, which will subsequently promote businesses, economic development, and workforce development in Johnston County and the Town of Clayton. For these reasons, the Clayton Chamber of Commerce asks that the Johnston County Commissioners and the Johnston County Board of Education work together for the greater good of this county, the students and the teachers. The County Commissioners and the Board of Education working together to address the current budget for the rest of the 2020 school year was a great first step. Moving forward, CCOC advocates for a collaborative plan to address long term challenges.”

Chamber Board Chairman Edwin Jackson said, “On behalf of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce, we feel as though the Interim Superintendent, Dr. Ben Williams, is both competent and committed to making the crucial improvements Johnston County Public Schools need. Especially during this decisive election year, it is important that the superintendent, Board of Education and Johnston County Commissioners continue to elevate the sense of unity they have started to curate, for the betterment of Johnston County.”

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