Clayton Launches Economic And Community Development Office

After 7 years leading the Town of Clayton’s Planning Department, David DeYoung is now stepping into Clayton’s newest role – Director of Economic and Community Development. He will start in his new role next Monday, Nov. 27th. The town will immediately begin the search for a new planning director.

DeYoung first came to Clayton in 2011 with 16 years in public and private sector planning experience, including helping implement Palm Beach County School District’s $4.5 billion 5-year capital improvement plan. In his tenure with the Town of Clayton, he’s helped chart the town’s future – developing and overseeing Clayton’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan, helping secure millions in state and federal grants for parks, greenways and street improvements, and working to update Clayton’s development regulations and processes to ensure quality of life is a priority during a period of unprecedented growth.

“I am extremely excited to be continuing with the Town of Clayton in this new role,” DeYoung said. “I look forward to this opportunity to expand my career and help our manager and Town Council as we work to retain and expand our existing businesses, attract new ones and guide the future of the town.”

Town Manger Adam Lindsay recently requested the new position and Town Council voted to approve its creation earlier this month.

“Probably from the day I was hired, if not before, the Mayor and Council talked to me about how awesome Clayton is, its potential, and great vision – they wanted to see that continue to grow,” said Town Manager Adam Lindsay. “Great towns have great balance in their tax base. What we want is someone who can help us find that right balance in residential and commercial development. I think this Council understands there is a balance between holding on to who you are, but also embracing change. But it’s got to be smart change and having someone to help us to keep up with that vision and where we’re trying to go is vitally important to us.”

Clayton – Johnston County’s fastest growing municipality – serves as the western gateway to the county and is well positioned strategically to all the exponential growth happening in the Raleigh region. The new position will only enhance the work of Johnston County’s Economic Development Office by offering them resources and information from Clayton, partnering with recruiting and marketing the area, but more importantly, building and maintaining relationships with business and industry. Lindsay said he didn’t have to look far to fill the position.

“When you look at what the strengths would be for this position, or think about who is going to sell the vision of the town and understand development and housing and industry trends – who better than someone who has been leading the town’s planning initiatives for the last 6-7 years?” said Lindsay. “David is someone who understands market pressure, the patterns of our commercial and residential development, and knows well our challenging mission – never abandoning the core of what Clayton is or our identity, but also adapting into who we want to be so the next generation is as successful and happy.”

The 47-year-old Buffalo, New York native is certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners and has a degree in Geography-Urban and Regional Analysis from the State University of New York in Buffalo. DeYoung lives in the Triangle with his wife, Emily, and two sons, 13-year-old Ethan and 15-year-old Paul.