Clayton Tables Request To Annex Elementary School

The Clayton Town Council has tabled a proposal to annex East Clayton Elementary School into the town limits to enhance town partnerships and law enforcement response.

The school, which lies just outside the Town of Clayton town limits, off Highway 42 East, serves more than 600 students. Many families who live in the Town of Clayton are districted to attend this school and Clayton Police have collaborated with the school on numerous programs, including Read Across America, in which officers have enjoyed reading with students.

Recently, Council member Bob Satterfield said he’d like more information on the benefits and ramifications of annexing the school and asked town staff to determine how many Town residents attend the school.

East Clayton Elementary is in the jurisdiction of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Department. To facilitate response and assistance to Johnston County Public Schools, staff and the school’s leadership discussed the option of bringing the school into limits and therefore into the jurisdiction of the Clayton Police Department.

Due to geography, Clayton Police might be first to arrive at the school so the proposed annexation, in partnership with Johnston County Schools, is intended to further enhance the safety of the school and students.

Annexations are, by law, voluntary and the land owned by Johnston County would not be taxable should this annexation be approved.

The public hearing that was being considered for the March 4 Town Council meeting has been postponed pending further research and discussion with school leaders.