Clayton’s Comprehensive Plan 2040 Introduced

Downtown-Clayton-Image-FIBy Laura Crosio

It’s been seven years since the Town of Clayton has updated its strategic growth plan. For the past year, leaders have been working to seek input from residents, advisory committees, planning board and council members to develop a comprehensive plan for the next several decades.

Jake Petrosky from Land Design Inc., a planning design firm based in Raleigh, presented council members on Sept. 8 with the findings they compiled from over 1,000 residents who participated in three public meetings and an online survey. 

“A lot of good things have happened since 2008,” Petrosky said. “We thought it was time to update that vision for the town.”

Some of the suggestions for the long-range plans included a continued development of a vibrant downtown, steadily grow the local economy, increase public safety, manage future growth and expand the arts community and leisure opportunities. 

According to population estimates, Clayton is expected to swell to 47,910 residents in 2030 and 58,402 by 2040. The town council plans to adopt these long range plans at their Oct. 5 meeting.  Photo by John Payne