Clayton’s Old Town Hall Getting Modern Twist

Standing in front of Old Town Hall (from left) are “The Station” project leaders Kevin Lee and his wife Carrie Lee, Erin Nenni, and Christi Thompson.

CLAYTON – A monumental revitalization effort is underway to breathe new life into a century-old structure, previously serving as the Town Hall.

Known as “The Station at Old Town Hall,” this ambitious project, receiving unanimous approval from the Town Council on March 4, aims to transform the 1925-built building at 231 E. Second St. into a vibrant mixed-use space.

“The renovation of the Old Town Hall marks a significant moment for the Town of Clayton. After a decade of standing vacant, this historic building is set to embody the spirit of renewal that’s sweeping across our downtown,” said Clayton Mayor Jody McLeod. “Through the visionary efforts of community members who have stepped forward to reimagine this space, we’re not just preserving a piece of our town’s heritage; we’re infusing it with new vitality.

The development, operated by local business owners Erin Nenni and Christi Thompson, along with developers Kevin Lee and Carrie Lee, plans to introduce a dynamic mix of a marketplace, restaurant, retail, and office spaces, while embracing the building’s rich history and catering to the modern needs of Clayton’s growing community.

“We’re really excited about this project and what it means for our downtown,” said Clayton Economic Development Director Patrick Pierce. “This is a great of example of how the public and private sectors can partner to create jobs, grow the local tax base, and create engaging spaces for residents and visitors alike.”

The project envisions a three-floor layout with a distinctive array of uses. The basement level, once the fire station, is set to feature a food and beverage concept extending over 2,200 square feet, integrating the building’s heritage through the preservation of main of its original elements to maintain its historical integrity.

Rendering of the re-imagined basement of The Station at Old Town Hall.

The main floor will host a market and grocery, promising a vast selection of goods including a deli, bakery, butcher, bottle shop, seafood, and florist. This level aims to serve as a central hub for community members to engage with local merchants and enjoy an array of market experiences.

The top floor will offer more than 1,000 square feet dedicated to office or retail spaces, completing the building’s transformation into a multi-tenant complex.

Central to the redevelopment is the commitment to the community and local economic growth. Thompson and Nenni, who also own LaDiDa wine shop and The Market at Three Little Birds, a furniture and home décor store, bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Clayton’s consumer demands. Alongside the Lees, owners of Clayton-based Secondary Investment LLC, the team has pledged a $1.75 million investment into the renovation efforts. This collaboration aims to not only restore the building but also to create new local jobs, drive economic growth, and further enhance the vibrancy of downtown Clayton.

“Our community loves the charm of Clayton‘s historic downtown and is committed to preserving that identity,” said Councilmember Andria Archer. “We found a creative way to adapt and bring our history along with us as we continue to grow and change. That’s the spirit of Clayton and what makes us special.”

The Clayton Town Council has shown strong support for “The Station,” offering financial incentives totaling approximately $400,000 to ensure the project’s success. The bulk of the incentives aim to facilitate the historic rehabilitation of the building, as well as catalyze the development, with the initial phases anticipated to open later next year.

“When we started down this path, it was vital that this space transform into something special for downtown, a space with economic vitality and open to the community,” said Councilmember Porter Casey. “The Old Town Hall carries with it a significant and collective history within our community. I am excited to see this historic building restored. The Station will serve as a vivid reminder of our past, while embracing renewed beauty and purpose.”

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