Coats Police Chief Being Treated For Cancer

Family asking for prayers

The Coats community is now adjusting to news that the town police chief is undergoing major treatment after a diagnosis of cancer this weekend.  Coats Police Chief Jeremy Hall had surgery for cancer in his neck Monday morning and likely has cancer in three other locations that could be even more serious.

According to his wife, Anna, Chief Hall began seeking medical treatment after having severe pain in his back and shoulders. He also fell at home because his condition has caused him to lose feeling in his legs.

Doctors sent him to Rex Hospital for an MRI and other tests. The tests revealed Mr. Hall has a mass near his spine, one near his aorta and cancer in two lymph nodes.

She said doctors are “99 percent sure” the masses are lymphoma, a form of cancer.

One of the lymph nodes, in his neck, was removed in the surgery Monday. Mrs. Hall reported the surgery went well and Mr. Hall welcomes visitors at the hospital.

Further tests will be used to determine how extensive the other cancer is and how it will be treated. Doctors are concerned about possible paralysis if they operate on the mass in his back.

Chief Hall said last week he was first diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Further tests then revealed the mass on his spine was causing the pain.

Mrs. Hall said her husband is adjusting to the situation.

“He is at peace with it,” Mrs. Hall said. “He is OK with whatever happens to him.”

Coats Town Manager Nick Holcomb said police operations are continuing in Chief Hall’s absence.  “We don’t know how long he will be out, but we are adjusting,” Mr. Holcomb said.

He said Lt. Ken Storicks is in charge at the police department.

“We are just taking it day by day until we know more,” Lt. Storicks said. Story by The Daily Record