Commentary: All Attention Turns To November

By Brad Crone

Reconciliation.  That’s the big word today following the Tuesday, March 5th Super Tuesday Primary in North Carolina.

Both sides led by Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein are working to solidify their party bases after each faced primary challenges.

For the Lt. Governor, he will work to capture the support of Republicans who voted for Bill Graham and the State Treasurer Dale Folwell. 

Meanwhile, Attorney General Josh Stein will have to work to strengthen his vote with African Americans who supported former State Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan and the other candidates of color running for Attorney General, Lt. Governor and the State Supreme Court.  This will be an important task for Mr. Stein because there are still some hurt feelings with the candidates of color who ran at the top of the Democratic ticket.

Both camps will solidify their bases and then begin the arduous task for raising the cash to fuel the November campaign.  The gubernatorial race in North Carolina will be a barnburner.  It’s going to be the top governor’s race in the country with two dynamic candidates.

Already, the two sides are working to define each other.  Mr. Stein went on the attack during his victory speech on Tuesday night and it will just be the tip of the spear for the Democrats.  Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, meanwhile, has been more visionary about the future of the state and his approach to governing. 

The Lt. Governor in his victory speech talked about an administration that will focus on the everyday working family in our state.  The Lt. Governor is more focused on explaining to voters that he is one of them.  Lt. Governor Robinson has worked a job where you have to clock in and clock out.  He is running as a ‘man of the people’ and that’s going to be very appealing to his Republican base.

The outcome of the race will be decided by Mr. Stein and Mr. Robinson’s ability to capture the support of independent, suburban voters, like those in Johnston, Union, and Davidson Counties.  Some of the issues driving those voters will be women’s reproductive health, marriage equality, and school choice.

There’s no doubt the Governor’s election will be historic for our state.  If Mr. Stein wins, he will be the first Governor of Jewish faith, while Mr. Robinson, if elected, will be our state’s first governor of African descent.

The other key factor will be the Presidential race. Will there be a coattail effect for the Republicans? 

In 2016, President Trump won North Carolina with a 3.66% margin and Roy Cooper was able to upset a sitting Republican governor Pat McCrory by 10,000 votes.  Will the Trump campaign, which is leading significantly in the state right now, have the coattails to sweep in Mr. Robinson?

So, here’s the bottom line, the Governor’s race is going to red hot, and Johnston County is going to be a battleground county.


  1. “women’s reproductive health”

    You mean the “right” for women to kill their own children. Stop churching it up to make it more palatable and call it what it is.

    • What it is “is non of your business” … WOMEN’s bodies.
      Tell the truth, if men were the ones getting pregnant, abortions would be a available at ATMs.

      • The baby inside is not “her body”…it’s a separate life with separate DNA and genetic makeup.

        When an abortion is performed, a heart is stopped, and it isn’t the mother’s.

        Therefore: Not her body, not her choice.

        Stop killing babies.

      • Oh and it’s 2024…the Libs say men can get pregnant, so you’re arguing against your own delusional side, dear.

        What’s a woman, Rachel?! Tell the truth!

  2. I am so glad Mark Robison won. His life story is great. He has overcome adversity, with courage and commitment. I have no doubt he will be a great governor for all people of our State.

    • I personally preferred Folwell as he at least had a track record of action, Robinson had a track record of good speeches and no action. I hope he steps up and does better as Gov because I have been very disappointed in him as Lt Gov after supporting him.

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