Commissioners Approve $30.5 Million School Loan

Johnston County Commissioners took the final step on June 5th to borrow $30.5 million to pay for improvement projects at more than a dozen Johnston County public school buildings.

Bids for all but one of the projects have already been awarded by the school board.

The projects include:
Clayton High School Bleachers                       $139,593
Clayton Middle School Roof                            $5,136,000
Cleveland Elementary Roof                            $2,306,920
Cooper Elementary HVAC Repairs                  $224,107
East Clayton Elementary HVAC Repairs          $644,296
Four Oaks Elementary Roof                           $222,152
Selma Elementary Roof                                 $1,803,001
Selma Middle School HVAC Repairs                $650,502
Selma Middle School Roof                              $4,215,800
Smithfield Middle Roof                                   $675,072
Smithfield Selma High Field House                 $950,267
Smithfield Selma High Roof                           $4,736,890
South Johnston High Roof                              $4,836,400
HVAC Controls (5 Schools)                            $3,459,000
Cost of Issuance                                           $500,000

Funds are included in the 2017-18 county budget to make the first payment on the loan.