Commissioners Approve Rezoning Requests

Johnston County Commissioners approved three rezoning requests during their October 2nd meeting.

The board approved a petition to rezone 2.48 acres of land at 6113 NC 42 West in the Cleveland Township from Agricultural Residential (AR) to General Business (GB).  John M. Strasser Properties, the owner of a veterinarian clinic next door, petitioned for the rezoning.  They plan to buy the property for future expansion. A house current is situated on the lot.  The house is currently being leased.

A request was approved to rezone 0.86 acres out of a 53.81 acre tract at 12100 Highway 50 in the Pleasant Grove Township for a used car sales and reconditioning business.  The property is owned by Wayne Thomas Stephenson. His daughter, Danielle Stephenson and a business partner, Carlos Piedrahita, plan to operate a used car lot on the property. The applicant agreed to restrictions on the hours of operation, lighting, and limiting the display to no more than 30 vehicles.

Commissioners unanimously agreed to rezone 9.45 acres at 1021 Woods Crossroads Road in the Meadow Township. The property is owned by LJB Farms Inc.  A family member operates a business out of the property, TLC Works, which provides guardrail repairs for the NC DOT.  They plan to use part of the property for a contractors office and storage of supplies.  The Johnston County Planning Department staff had recommended denial of the rezoning because of no other commercial rezoning nearby. However, the planning board and board of commissioners agreed to the request to rezone the land from Agricultural Residential to Industrial Special Use.