Community Center, Splash Pad Parking

The Town of Smithfield has approved a $62,536 contract to pave the Sarah Yard Community Center Parking Lot and the nearby Splash Pad parking lot adjacent to Smith Collins Park. The work will also include curb and gutter in front of the Community Center.

Several months ago, speed bumps were added on Lee Street to slow down traffic in front of the Community Center due to safety concerns with children crossing the street. However, drivers frequently drive around the speed bumps by pulling into the front yard of the Community Center, damaging the lawn and creating a hazard.

The approved bid will include curb and gutter and an added island between the street and Community Center to force vehicles to stay on the street and drive over the speed bumps.

Additionally, the Town approved a request by the Parks & Recreation Department to surface the Splash Pad parking lot which is expected to open around the end of May.

James Paul Edwards Inc. was the low bidder for the project.


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