Council Approves Franklin Townes Subdivision Plan

SMITHFIELD – In a unanimous vote, the Smithfield Town Council has signed off on the preliminary subdivision plan for Franklin Townes. The 134-lot development was initially approved at the December 2021 meeting of the town board.

Franklin Townes will be located on a 15.9 acre tract of land on the southeast corner of Wilson’s Mills Road at M. Durwood Stephenson Parkway. R&R Development of NC, LLC of Raleigh will construct 134 attached single-family townhome lots, equal to 8.4 units per acre. The subdivision will have access points off Wilson’s Mills Road and Sunrise Avenue.

At the March 2022 meeting, developers announced Franklin Townes will be built in phases. In 2023, 30 homes will be consturcted, 48 in 2024, 48 in 2025, and 8 in 2026. Based on current market prices, The Rose 2,106 square foot townhome will sale for $275,000. The Akamatsu 1,792 square foot townhome will sale for approximately $250,000.

A three-quarter acre private neighborhood space/park with a pergola, fire pit, playground, dog park, walking trail loop, and mailbox kiosk are among the amenities. Some of the existing perimeter trees will be preserved. The subdivision will be served by town water and sewer. Duke Energy will provide electric service.

Architectural standards for Franklin Townes will exceed minimum Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) requirements.


  1. Yet these developers are giving all the tax breaks and a free ride off the backs of the JoCo citizens. The JCPS is asking for over 700 million to build new and additional schools to handle the people load. Lol the JoCo County commissioners should be ashamed for what they done. Bowing down to the all mighty dollar. I blame the joco commissioners for the mess this county is in.

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