Council Delays Engineering Contract For 30 Days

Interim Utilities Director Pete Connet
Interim Utilities Director Pete Connet

The Smithfield Town Council could decide in July if a second transformer for the Brogden Road substation is a need or a want.

Interim Utilities Director Pete Connet asked the town council this month to approve $85,000 in engineering work so the project can begin.

The transformer will cost the town about $1.3 million and is in the budget.

However, Smithfield Town Councilman Travis Scott requested approval for the engineering work to jumpstart the project be delayed at least one month to see if this is this is the best way for the town to spend over a million dollars.

The Brogden Road Substation has been in operation more than 10 years and provides power to much of South Smithfield.   A second transformer will take about one year to build, Connet said. If the current transformer stops working, it could take several days to repair, thus the need for a second transformer.  
Power to other parts of Smithfield comes from a substation on Hospital Road.   Connect said the ultimate goal is for the Brogden Road Substation be the main power source for Smithfield and the Hospital Road site a secondary station.

The Council unanimously agreed to postpone a decision on the project for 30 days.