County Approves 500,000 Gallon Archer Lodge Water Tank Loan

Johnston County will seek a low interest loan from the NC Department of Environmental Quality – Division of Water Infrastructure to pay for the construction of a new 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank in the Archer Lodge Water District.

Chandra Farmer, Director of Johnston County Public Utilities, said the estimated cost of the project is approximately $1,735,020.   The County will seek a 1.82% loan to be repaid over a 20 year period to pay for the water tank.

“The storage tank will provide water supply to meet average day and peak demands for existing and future customers in the County’s Johnston East 492 hydraulic gradient, which includes the Archer Lodge Water District, portions of the O’Neals Water District, portions of the Buffalo Water District, the Flowers Plantation area, and the eastern Clayton area,” Mrs. Farmer told JoCoReport.

“The County has not acquired a site for the tank, but our staff has talked with several property owners in the area and will complete due diligence – including geotechnical investigation – prior to final site acquisition,” she said.

The contract for construction of the new water tank should be awarded by the end of 2020 with completion in about 12 months.

Johnston County currently operates 11 elevated storage tanks as part of their water distribution system.  Many Johnston County towns also have additional water tanks as part of their distribution systems.