County Approves Bentonville Area Sand Mine

In a unanimous vote, Johnston County Commissioners have approved a 45 acre sand mine in the Bentonville Township.  ST Wooten Corporation received approval to operate a sand mine at 3903 Richardson Bridge Road on property currently owned by Daniel and Paula Kornegay.

Three other sand mines are already in operating in the area. The most recent was a sand mine approved in October 2019 by ST Wooten Corporation.

During the public hearing, testimony was given indicating the operation would have little impact on traffic. A 2017 traffic study indicated Richardson Bridge Road was used by an average of 800 vehicles per day.

Commissioners approved the rezoning petition and a special use permit at the conclusion of a public hearing.  No one spoke in opposition of the sand mine operation.

The sand mine will be subject to extensive regulation from state and federal agencies including the NC Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Mine Safety Health Administration.  The permit does not allow for any blasting.