County Approves Funds For Clayton Middle School Pilot Program

Johnston County Commissioners have approved half the funding necessary for a pilot program between Clayton Parks and Recreation, Clayton Little League, Neuse River Futbol Alliance and Clayton Middle School.

According to Adrian O’Neal, the Parks, Greenways and Open Space Coordinator for Johnston County, the partnership will allow Clayton Parks and Recreation along with Clayton Little League and Neuse River Football Association to make improvements to the existing sports fields at Clayton Middle.  The improvements will benefit Clayton Middle students and afterschool programs along with non-school groups that use the facilities when not in use by the public school.

The field improvements will cost $117,700.

Johnston County approved $58,850 from Open Space Funds for the pilot program.  The organizations involved are currently looking for other funding sources and possible grants to pay for remainder of the project.

Also, Clayton Parks and Recreation will enter into a joint agreement for routine maintenance of the school field in exchange for access to the sports fields, gymnasium and non-classroom space when available, Mr. O’Neal said.

The partnership will provide increased maintenance improved sports fields and a level of safe management practices not always possible on middle school sites due to time and budget constraints.