County Parks & Rec Master Plan

By Laura Crosio

The Johnston County Commissioners received a master plan for countywide Parks & Recreation development at their May 4 regular meeting.

Johnston County Sports Council Chairman Jim Godfrey recommended in the group’s findings that the county name a Director of Parks and Recreation to coordinate efforts between all towns involved. He noted there were gaps in areas between Clayton and Smithfield, such as the 40/42 Cleveland region, where more recreational opportunities could be developed to enhance resident’s quality of life. 

“People who move into the community need to have that recreation,” said Godfrey. “That’s what they’re looking for and I want to emphasize that as much as I possibly can.”

The Parks & Recreation master plan is part of a year-and-a-half long analysis of the county’s needs, including soliciting input from all eleven municipalities, civic/sports groups, community partners and the public. Godfrey said the one of the main interests was more passive recreation options, including walking trails, hiking, outdoor amphitheaters and access to the Neuse River.

“Do not allow this plan to sit on somebody’s desk,” Godfrey urged. “We need to move forward with this plan.”

The plan can be viewed at