County Surpluses 21 Vehicles

Three county departments surplused a total of 21 vehicles this month. All will be sold to the public in April.

Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said 15 vehicles owned by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office have excessive mileage and some are in need of major mechanical repairs.  Thirteen of the 15 vehicles were Ford Crown Victoria patrol cars with mileage as high as 173,374 miles.

Bizzell said when he was first elected sheriff the goal was to get 110,000 miles out of each vehicle. With his fleet service facility, the goal is to reach 150,000 miles on each vehicle.

The Department of Social Services declared a 2001 Ford F-150 truck with 185,961 miles and a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria with 116,480 miles as surplus.

The Public Utilities Department declared four 1997-2004 Chevy pickups as surplus.

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County commissioners approved the sale of all the vehicles at a surplus property sale on Saturday, April 8th at 10:00am at the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office Fleet Services building at 60 Shelter Way, Smithfield. Randy Wester Auction Company of Benson will conduct the sale. (Photo courtesy Wester Auction Company)