County Tax Collection Rate At 99.90%

Johnston County Tax Administrator Sheila Garner.

2018 Property Tax Bills To Be Mailed July 26th

The Johnston County Tax Office had the second best tax collection rate last fiscal year of any county in North Carolina with a population over 100,000. Wake County finished in first place, Johnston County in second place.

In a report presented to Johnston County Commissioners on July 9th, Tax Administrator Sheila Garner said a total of $113,714.900.11 in real and personal taxes was levied in the 2017-2018 fiscal year ending June 30th. Of that amount, $113,595,657.56 was collected, leaving an outstanding balance of $119,242.55. That represents a collection rate of 99.90 percent, an increase from 99.88 percent in the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

The amount of taxes levied last year increased 4.12% from $109,207,063.52 in 2016.

“I would like to thank our citizens who make it a priority to pay their taxes timely,” Ms. Garner told Commissioners. “I also want to assure them that our office is diligently pursuing the collections of all delinquent tax bills, as collections of all taxes allow for the lowest possible rate to be enjoyed by all citizens.”

Garner also thanked her staff. “It is truly a privilege to work with a team full of ambitious individuals who continue to deliver such excellent results. I’d especially like to congratulate staff on their achievement of obtaining a phenomenal 99.90 percent collection rate.”

Last year the tax office garnished 439 individuals or businesses and served 540 bank attachments.  The office collected $309,095.87 in interest and fees.  24 accounts were turned out to an attorney for foreclosure to collect past due taxes.  Only 9 of those properties ending up being sold. Most property owners paid their taxes in order to keep their land or homes.

850 people participated in a tax payment plan with the Tax Office.  143 people filed for bankruptcy which prevented the collection of taxes until the case is resolved in bankruptcy court.

$14,429,892.18 in motor vehicle taxes was collected last fiscal year, a 3.3 percent increase over $13,967,996.60 collected in 2016-17.

Ms. Garner said 2018 tax bills would be mailed on July 26, 2018.

The Tax Office is currently in the process of a property tax revaluation.  Garner said 95 percent of residential property revaluations have been completed and the staff is now focusing on commercial properties. She anticipates the new revised property values to be mailed to taxpayers in January or February 2019.