County Updates Fire District Boundaries

For this first time in four years, Johnston County has tweaked their fire department district boundary lines.

The county has a total area of 791 square miles and has seen tremendous population growth.  The county is divided into 27 fire protection service districts. 24 of those are from Johnston County fire departments. The remaining 3 are from departments just outside the county but serve small sections just inside Johnston County. They include Nahunta, Oakland and Newton Grove Fire Departments.

The last update was completed in April 2014.  Since then parcels have been added and divided including the addition of numerous subdivisions.

On Monday, Johnston County Commissioners agreed to update the 2014 boundaries.  Only slight adjustments were made to the boundary lines primarily due to parcels being split or combined.

One example was in the West Johnston Fire District.  County Fire Marshal Adam Stanley said a subdivision in the West Johnston Fire District was expanded and a second phase was added barely inside the Elevation Fire District.  The line was moved so the entire subdivision would be served by West Johnston.

The changes impacted only a small number of residents, who were switched from one fire district to another.

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