Countywide Property Tax Revalution Scheduled For 2025

Johnston County Tax Administrator Jocelyn Andrews

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Johnston County Commissioners approved a contract for the 2025 property revaluation. Pearson Appraisal Services, Inc., which conducted the 2011 and 2019 revaluations for the County, was selected for the 2025 reappraisal. The company has offices in Wilson, NC and Richmond, VA.

Tax Administrator Jocelyn Andrews said there are approximately 111,000 parcels in Johnston County. Pearson Appraisal Services will be paid $22.90 per parcel for the revaluation, equal to about $2.54 million.

In 2016, when the 2019 revaluation contract was awarded, Pearson was paid $14.90 per parcel. There were about 97,000 tracts of land in the County at that time.

State law requires Counties to conduct property revaluations every 8 years. Following the 2019 revaluation, Johnston County Commissioners agreed to conduct their next revaluation in 6 years (2025) and afterwards every 4 years.

“Accuracy of values and addressing property owner questions and concerns are a priority for the County. Prior work in Johnston County has shown that Pearson Appraisal Services, Inc. shares those same priorities,” Andrews told Commissioners Nov. 7 during the public meeting. Commissioners voted unanimously to award the contract.

Following the 2019 revaluation, Commissioners agreed to lower property tax rate per $100 valuation from 78 to 76 cents, however the average homeowner saw their property tax bills go up almost 10 percent the following year due to higher home valuations. For example, an individual with a $100,000 home, saw their property tax bill increase from about $780.00 in 2018 to $846 in 2019.

However, some communities saw their property tax values increase more than the 2019 countywide average. That year, revaluations jumped on average 26.9 percent in the Clayton township, 26.6 percent in Archer Lodge, and 28.6 percent in the Elevation community.

Between June 2021 and June 2022, average home values in North Carolina increased 14.5 percent.


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