Countywide Tax Revaluation Review Underway

Work began this week to review more than 96,000 parcels in Johnston County for the state mandated 2019 real property revaluation. Under state law it must be performed at least once every 8 years.

Johnston County has partnered with Pearson Appraisal Service to perform revaluation.  Johnston County’s last revaluation was in 2011. Pearson Appraisal conducted the revaluation work

The main focus of any revaluation is the equalization of property values. A county-wide Revaluation is an in-depth process of reappraising all properties in the county and determining each property’s current market value.

The 2019 reappraisal will include the use of county maps, aerial photography, street level images, sales analysis, field visits, and other tools to gather data used in determining market value.

Johnston County Appraisers and Pearson Appraisal Staff are out reviewing properties and photographing buildings in the county.  During the field visits, photographs are typically taken from the public right- of -way and no one will request to view the inside of your home.

All appraisers will wear county identification badges and their vehicles will be marked, “Johnston County Revaluation” or “Johnston County”.

Pearson will be paid $14.90 for each parcel they review. The contract stipulates the amount cannot exceed $1,445,330. Additional services requested by the county tax office for evaluation new construction parcels will cost $25 per parcel, under a contract approved by Johnston County Commissioners in December.

The fieldwork part of the revaluation is expected to take about 18 months to complete.

Anyone with questions about the revaluation can contact the Johnston County Tax Office at 919-989-5130 if you have questions.