Crews Clean Up Greasy Mess

Taco Bell Grease Spill 1Town crews helped clean up a big mess in the parking lot of a local business Wednesday afternoon.

A driver accidentally backed into a container of grease in the parking lot of the Taco Bell on North Brightleaf Boulevard.

The smelly mess spilled onto a portion of the parking lot. The Town of Smithfield sent a backhoe and two truckloads of sand to contain the spill before it could enter the storm water runoff system.

Smithfield Police, the Smithfield Fire Department and the Johnston County Emergency Management also responded.

While not a major incident, the presence of so many officials cause a number of onlookers to gather.  Officials did not say how many gallons were spilled. There were no injuries.  Photos by John PayneTaco Bell Grease Spill 2