CSS Seeking Grants To Replace Vehicles, Radios

Community and Senior Services of Johnston County (CSS) has applied for a grant with the NC Department of Transportation to replace 10 vehicles and equipment.  CSS operates Johnston County Area Transit Systems (JCATS).

CSS has applied for a $446,509 grant for Administrative Expenses including $219,099 for JCATS administrative staff and $227,410 for other administrative expenses including utilities, vehicle insurance, computers and support.  The NC DOT would fund 85% of the cost and the County of Johnston 15%.

CSS has also applied for a $718,415 grant for Capital Improvements. The amount includes $680,000 for 10 replacement vans, $21,840 for 10 two-way radios, and $16,575 for vehicle lettering, shop equipment, and software. The NC DOT would fund 90% of the costs and the County of Johnston 10%.

Altogether, Johnston County has agreed to pay $138,819 towards the cost.  The CSS will submit the grant application to the NC DOT prior to a Nov. 2nd deadline.