Deputy Fired Over Social Media Posting

A sheriff’s deputy has been fired for comments he posted on social media.

Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton announced Tuesday that Deputy Charles Patrick Foreman was dismissed from his employment with the agency.  On Sunday, Sampson County deputies responded to a report of several people being shot and stabbed at the Lakewood Country Club near Salemburg. One deputy was cut trying to break up an affray. A second officers patrol car was struck by people fleeing.

Sampson County Sheriff Car 2One of the victims, Anthony King of Roseboro, underwent emergency surgery for a gunshot wound but died Sunday afternoon.

Authorities said the club was rented out for a private party when the incident occurred.

One person commented about the incident on Facebook saying “They won’t be getting their deposit back.”  Deputy Foreman allegedly replied on Facebook, “It don’t matter, it was paid for on EBT.”  EBT is used by food stamp recipients.

“The Sheriff’s Office is dependent upon the public trust to be effective in its mission,” Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said in a press release Tuesday afternoon. “The men and women of the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office work too hard to earn the trust and respect of the citizens. I do not condone or tolerate any behavior on the part of my employees that brings the integrity of the Sheriff’s Office into question.”

Sheriff’s administrators said they launched the internal investigation that led to Deputy Foreman’s firing as soon as they learned about the social media posting.