Disabled Veteran Gets A New Roof

Andre Wright (center in blue shirt) stands with Meherrin Fertilizer Inc. employees who repaired and replaced the roof on his home on July 21, 2022. Johnston County Report Photo

FOUR OAKS – A disabled Four Oaks veteran received a new roof. Employees with Meherrin Fertilizer Incorporated (MFI) in Four Oaks recently learned Andre Wright was in desperate need of a roof for his W. Allen Street home. They immediately jumped into action.

On Thursday, battling the heat and humidity, MFI employees gathered at Mr. Wright’s home as he stood outside and watched the progress. Wright said he has lived at the address since 1963, when he was just 4 year-old. He served in the US Military from 1985 to 1992.

Wright said the roof had been leaking but he didn’t have the money or resources to get it replaced. Four Oaks Mayor Vic Medlin recently learned of Mr. Wright’s need and shared the information with Mike and Andrew Carroll at MFI.

“It takes a lot of weight and worrying off me,” Wright said as he watched the new roof being installed. “Now I can get on with the other things I need to do with the help of my nephews.”

Meherrin Fertilizer Inc. employees repair the roof on the home of Andre Wright in Four Oaks on July 21, 2022. Johnston County Report Photo

Kyle Patterson, Director of Community Relations with MFI, said this is one of several projects the company has undertaken in recent years. “This is about being a part of the community we work and live in. There is a time you might need help and a time to give help. We’re glad to help someone in need.”

Wright added, “I have a grandson. I hope to leave the home to him someday. I grew up here with my grandmother. I want to live out my final days here.”

Wright’s home needs painting and foundation repairs. Any business that would like to volunteer their services can contact Mayor Medlin at the Four Oaks Town Hall.


  1. Very nice to see people doing the right thing to help others in need. No pats on the back and no strings involved. Gid teaches us that we are to love one another and help those in need. Nice to see a little good news today…

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