Dog Boarding Facility Wins Approval

A Kenly-area dog boarding facility has won approval to operate.

Mary Jo Snipes Grantham received approval from Johnston County Commissioners to operate the business at 9875-B Hinnant-Edgerton Road in the Beulah Township near Kenly.

Grantham told the board there wasn’t a licensed facility within 10 miles of her property and no 24 hour facility within 25 miles.  Once operational, Grantham and her daughter-in-law plan to provide 24 hour care.

Commissioners unanimously approved a special use and rezoning permit. The facility will need to be permitted by the state before operations can begin.

The board did require several conditions on the rezoning permit including restrictions on signage, lighting, and a detailed site plan.  The board did not require a perimeter fence.  Grantham told the board anytime a dog would be outside the kennel it would be on a leash.

Due to the small size of the business, no impact on traffic is anticipated on Hinnant-Edgerton Road.

No one spoke in opposition of the proposal at the Dec. 3rd meeting.