Dollar General Store Approved In Corinth Holders

A new Dollar General store will be built in the Corinth Holders community in northern Johnston County.

Johnston County commissioners approved a request by Glandon Forest Equity to construct Dollar General store on a 3.16 acre tract of land at the intersection of Highway 96 North and Highway 231. The property is currently owned by Phillip Joseph Lewis of Highway 39 North, Middlesex and was rezoned in 2014 for general business use.

County planning staff said traffic on Highway 231 was an estimated 2,000 vehicles per day in 2013. Traffic on Highway 96 North was approximately 2,200 vehicles per day in 2013.

The area is designated a Secondary Growth Area on the County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, according to Johnston County Planning Director Barry Gray.  This denotes an area in which moderate to low levels of growth pressures are anticipated over the next 20 years.

The county planning board had previously approved the request but only after receiving assurances from the developers that security lighting would not have a negative impact on adjacent properties.

No date was announced when construction would begin or when the store would be open.