DOT Hopes To Have All Secondary Roads Clear By Tuesday Night, Wednesday Morning

The Highway Patrol investigates a two car accident that occurred Sunday on Cleveland Road in front of the Cleveland Fire Department. This was one of several dozen weather related accidents reported over the weekend in Johnston County. Photo by John Payne

The NC Department of Transportation is hoping to have all roadways clear in Johnston County by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Rising temperatures should help the efforts.

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until Noon on Tuesday as dangerous travel conditions will persist for a while longer as snow and ice continue to linger in many areas.

Highs Monday will range from the upper 20s to around 32 degree. Lows Monday night will fall back into the teens. Temperatures will finally rise above 32 degrees Tuesday.  Even after temperatures rise above freezing Tuesday, melting will still be very slow particularly in shaded areas.

Individuals traveling through Tuesday morning should use caution. Those walking should be extra careful. Broken bones are common with falls on ice. If you are driving slow down and leave plenty of following distance particularly in untreated neighborhoods and rural roads and streets. Photos by John Payne