Dr. Woodrow Batten Is Guest On WTSB Radio

Dr. Woodrow Batten (right) was interviewed Thursday on WTSB Radio AM 1090 / FM 105.5 by Liz Thurston (left) with Johnston Health. Dr. Batten recently retired at the age of 95. JoCoReport.com Photo

Dr. Woodrow Batter, retired physician both in private practice and with Johnston Health was interviewed by Liz Thurston with Johnston Health on Thursday.

Dr. Batten, who is 95, reminisced about his years of medical service with the county, remembering that a doctor’s appointment charge in 1952 was only $5.00.

Originally from Johnston County, Dr. Batten graduated from Wake Forest Baptist and Bowman Gray School of Medicine. He did his residency at Duke.

He also served in the US Navy from 1955-1957. Dr. Batten told WTSB listeners that he was inspired to become a physician by his family physician, Dr. James B. Person. He was also inspired along the way by Dr. Donnie Hugh Jones, Dr. Ed Alderman, and Dr. Thomas Cheek.

Dr. Batten said it has been a highlight of his career to watch the local hospital grow and expand through the years. During his tenure at Johnston Health, he helped create the cardiac intensive care unit.

Dr. Batten said that he enjoyed talking and listening to his patients with confidentiality, which he feels is still very important today.

Dr. Batten plans to care for his wife, who is disabled, during his retirement.