Driver Charged In Hit & Run Accident That Injured Child

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Police have charged a motorist with hit and run following an accident that injured a 5 year-old.

Around 12:51pm Sunday, police said Jonathan Lagunas-Espinoza, 23, of Jada Allen Road, Dunn was operating a 2007 Cadillac SUV in parking lot of Brightleaf Flea Market, at 2320 S. Brightleaf Boulevard. Police said he ran over the foot of a small child standing in the parking lot.

Several bystanders reportedly told the driver he had struck the child but he failed to stop.

An off-duty police officer working security at the flea market located the unattended Cadillac SUV behind the building a few minutes later. The officer waited until approximately 2:35pm for the suspect to return to his SUV and made an arrest.

Lagunas-Espinoza was charged with felony hit and run causing personal injury. He was given a $20,000 bond.

The 5 year-old was transported to the hospital by Johnston County EMS for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.


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  2. Espinoza, you low life! You hit a person, a little 5 year old at that and you keep going. What kind of animal does that? What if the girl was another foot into the road. She would be dead but thank God she is alive. I hope you spend alot of time in jail so you can think about what you did. As far as the 5 year old girl goes I hope you make a full recovery and live a happy full life.

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