Driver Stopped And Assaulted By Blue Light Bandit

Law enforcement officers are working on several leads in a case involving a law enforcement impersonator.

On Tuesday, a motorist reported being pulled over on Old Bailey Highway at Rose Loop Road near Nashville and their vehicle searched. The motorist was also assaulted by the police impersonator. The victims described the impersonator as a white male with a close cut haircut operating a white car possibly a Ford Crown Victoria or a Dodge Charger.

In a press release, the Nash County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement saying, “If an unmarked vehicle gets behind your vehicle, activates a blue light, and if you are unsure if it is actually a law enforcement vehicle, we recommend you turn on your four-way flashers and pull into a public parking lot that is well illuminated or where there are other people. Another recommendation is to dial 9-1-1 in order to confirm that a law enforcement officer is attempting to pull over your vehicle.”

Anyone with information about the blue light bandit is asked to contact Nash County sheriff’s detectives at 252-459- 4121.