Elderly Woman Loses Money In $5 Million Sweepstakes Scam

An 82 year-old Johnston County woman lost money in a telephone sweepstakes scam.

In late-June the elderly Clayton resident starting receiving phone calls claiming she had won $5 million but before she could claim the prize she had to pay the taxes on the winnings.

The woman declined to pay but continued to get telephone calls from the suspect asking for money. She was even promised a brand new car, in addition to the $5 million, if she would send money.

The victim reluctantly sent in $90. Over the next 2 weeks she made additional payments of $100, $200, and $400 to the suspect before realizing she was being scammed.

A relative of the elderly victim reported the incident to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office this week.  Detectives are investigating the case but say it is unlikely the woman will be able to get her money back.



  1. It is a shame that this elderly woman got scam. I received 5 calls this week from the same scammers. The US government and North Carolina Government need to step in with a law
    that will put this scammers away forever. Many of them call from Jamaica, Nigeria, and other oversea countries. You can be on a no call list, but it does not matter to them; they use other peoples phone number to transpose their evil deeds to steal money from the elderly. And many of the numbers they use are disconnected numbers. LAW ENFORCEMENT IT IS TIME TO STEP IN AND PUT A STOP TO EVERY BIT OF THESE SCAMMING PHONE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!

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