EMS Annual Report

By Laura Crosio

In an emergency, you can count on Johnston County EMS to arrive in about 10 minutes.

That’s according to findings stated in their 2014 annual report as presented on May 4 to Johnston County Commissioners.

Average county response time was 9:58 minutes, less than the 12 minute national standard, according to Josh Holloman, manager of the Johnston County EMS.

“We are very proud to have maintained less than the national standard for the past five years,” he said.

In 2014, the county responded to 20,917 calls.  Holloman noted this has increased over the last several years due to a steady growth in the county’s population.

Towns with the largest call volume were Smithfield, Clayton and Benson. The lowest was Pine Level.

Out of those over 20,000 calls for help, 15,000 people were transported to area hospitals to receive care. Holloman noted patients are given a choice of local hospitals and 73% decided on a Johnston County facility.

“We are proud to be partners with a local hospital system and take the majority of our patients there,” he said.

The department is also the recipient of the American Heart Association’s 2015 Mission: Lifeline® EMS Silver Performance Achievement Award. The award is based upon the achievements of cardiac care delivered in 2014.

Holloman said in 2010 the county had only a 3% survival rate for cardiac arrest patients they assisted. Today, that number has increased to 15%, well above the nation’s average of 10%.

“We are actually saving patients that are having the worst type of emergency you can have,” he said.

“You haul not only patients but also confidence,” praised Commissioner Ted Godwin. “You make people feel confident in a stressful situation.”