EMS Member Suspended Pending Outcome Of Investigation

A volunteer member of 50-210 EMS is under investigation follow an incident while off-duty Saturday afternoon near Clayton.

Around 4:30pm, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to Buffalo Road near Highway 42 after receiving a report of a motorist attempting to stop cars with a personal vehicle using flashing red emergency lights.

After arriving in the area, an officer located a volunteer member of 50-210 EMS reportedly with red and white flashing lights in his vehicle activated and stopped behind a car on the shoulder of Buffalo Road.

The EMS member, whose name was not released, allegedly told deputies he had stopped to help a driver secure a grill in the bed of their truck and activated the red emergency lights for safety.

Officials said the initial report received was the EMS member was attempting to stop cars.

Detective Lt. Mike Carson with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Monday the incident remains under investigation. Authorities did seize 3 red and white emergency lights from the individual.

50-210 EMS Chief Ricky Denning told WTSB News on Monday the member has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation.  Chief Denning said members are prohibited from using red lights in their personal vehicles to respond to calls.

Authorities confirmed the EMS worker was not on duty at the time of Saturday’s incident.

The EMS volunteer reportedly told officers the red lights were purchased while he was on a Johnston County fire department, but he is reportedly no longer a volunteer at that fire station.