Every Business Should Have a Wesley!

Wesley Hix proudly displays a Certificate of Appreciation for 10 years of employment at Papa John’s in Smithfield.

Wesley Hix came to Johnston County Industries (JCI) after high school to receive employment services. His first job was with a restaurant in Four Oaks making pizza boxes. He is now employed at Papa John’s in Smithfield. When he is not working at Papa John’s Wesley attends JCI’s Adult Development Vocational Program (ADVP).

Wesley recently received a certificate of appreciation from Papa John’s for his 10 years of employment along with a pin to commemorate his 5 years. He has also picked out some Papa John’s merchandise as an added bonus for his service.

Wesley said, “JCI has helped me so much. I like the people at JCI and the people at Papa John’s. I like my award, it is nice. I didn’t know I would be here this long.”

Wesley Hix folds pizza boxes at Papa John’s in Smithfield.

Jon Dale, General Manager, said, “I have been working with Wesley at this store for about a year. We get along great, he is very good-natured, and everyone gets along. Some days you might find Wesley singing along to music while working. He works hard!”

“Everyone here has pretty much forgotten how to make the boxes because Wesley keeps them stocked,” Dale added. “He works two days a week and is a great asset. I think every Papa John’s store should have a Wesley! JCI has been great to work with and has provided us with a great experience. I recommend employers give people with different abilities a chance for employment.”

(Left to right) Wesley Hix and Jon Dale, General Manager, of Papa John’s in Smithfield.

JCI is proud of Wesley. He is an excellent example of how you can succeed at anything you want to accomplish.

For more information about JCI Employment Services and their ADVP Program call 919-743-8700. Photos courtesy JCI