Finally, Relief In Site For Bumpy Venture Drive

Driving down Venture Drive near the Carolina Premium Outlets is more like an adventure. Poor road conditions cause drivers to swerve around countless bumps and potholes.  It’s likely the culprit for more than a few front end alignments.

Town Manager Michael Scott said he doesn’t know how many complaints have been received by the Town of Smithfield about the poor condition of Venture Drive, but he felt strongly enough to place money in this year’s budget to repave the road.

Last week, the town solicited bids for the repaving project. The bids will be opened on January 24th.  Scott said it will give town officials enough time to place the paving bid on the February 7th town council agenda for consideration.

$700,000 has been set aside for the paving work. If the bids are over budget, the town will have to look at alternatives.

The money is not a loan but is included in the current budget.  Scott said he did not request special funding for any other highway project in the town limits this year other than Venture Drive. Other paving projects will be paid for in 2017 with Powell Bill funding. Photos