Firefighters Surprise 3 Year-Old For Birthday

A local three year-old who loves fire trucks got a big surprise when members of the Smithfield Fire Department showed up to help make his birthday complete.

Nash Coward loves first responders, especially firefighters.  His mother, Brittany Massengill, is enrolled at Johnston Community College in Smithfield and Nash attends the JCC Daycare Center.

Members of the Smithfield Fire Department found out about Nash’s birthday and just how much he loved fire trucks.  Firemen showed up at the Daycare Center on Thursday to pay a special visit to Nash.

“Oh my goodness, he was so surprised,” Brittany said. “He loved every second of it.”

Firemen gave the entire pre-school class a tour of a fire engine and provided all the kids with plastic fire hats and coloring books.

“He screamed and cried when they had to go,” Brittany said. “We are blessed to have such amazing first responders who go the extra mile! They were so great with the kids and deserve recognition for how involved they are with the community. It made his whole birthday complete!”

Nash turned 3 on Wednesday but the firemen didn’t find out about his birthday and love of fire apparatus until Thursday, but that didn’t matter. They went to help him celebrate just the same.

Nash is the son of Brittany Massengill and Kaleb Howard.