Florence Damage Estimates In Johnston County Top $1.5 Million

A single wide mobile home on Barber Mill Road near Clayton lost a portion of its roof during Hurricane Florence. Photo by John Payne

Preliminary property damage estimates from Hurricane Florence in Johnston County are estimated at $1.5 million but that number is expected to rise considerably. That number does not include agriculture crop losses.

After completing a survey of storm damage in Johnston County, officials announced Monday afternoon that 63 residential structures were damaged. That includes 43 single family homes, 15 doublewide and 5 singlewide homes.

Three public buildings sustained about $115,000 in damage. One church sustained about $5,000 in damage.

8 farms and agricultural facilities reported structure damage. That included damage to bulk barns and greenhouses.

Altogether, 101 properties had damage across the county.  6 of the properties were deemed unsafe for occupancy.

Initial damage reports indicate 5 properties in Johnston County were destroyed, 13 sustained major damage and 83 sustained minor damage.

The report did not release the exact locations of the properties, however the majority of the damage is in the southern and eastern parts of the county including the Princeton, Bentonville and Meadow communities, according to Johnston County Building Inspections Director Dean Barbour.

Officials caution these are very early preliminary numbers and are expected to increase. Some locations of the county are still inaccessible to inspectors.

The estimates are for structural and property damage only and do not include agriculture crop losses.  Ag losses are still being tallied.