Former Highway Patrol Captain Files For Harnett County Sheriff

Harry Ennis, a retired Captain with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, filed Monday for election as Harnett County’s next Sheriff.  Ennis, a native of Buies Creek, said his 32 years of experience would help set a new direction and provide new leadership in the Sheriff’s Office.

“We all know there are serious problems in the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office.  It’s not partisan, it’s an issue of professionalism and training,” said Ennis. “I will restore the honor and integrity to the Sheriff’s Office.”

“We need a Sheriff who will improve the training and standards of every division in the department.  The problems we are seeing in the Harnett County Jail are not acceptable, especially when you look at the performance of jail operations in neighboring Wake and Johnston Counties,” said Ennis.

“I believe when you call to report a larceny a deputy should be dispatched to come out and meet and talk with the victim.  I will put a stop to telephone report taking on day one,” said Ennis.

“It’s time for new leadership and a new management team to provide direction and support for the men and women who are working the streets to keep Harnett County safe.”

Finally, Ennis said he is calling on incumbent Sheriff Wayne Coats to stop putting political pressures on his staff and deputies.  “The deputies, detention officers and administrative staff need to be treated with respect and as professional public servants – not political pawns,” Ennis said.