Four Oaks Church To Build New House Of Worship In Smithfield

Members of a storefront church in Four Oaks will be moving to Smithfield after plans for a new house of worship were approved recently by the Town of Smithfield.

Faith Miracle Ministry Church of Christ for All People currently meets in Four Oaks.  Due to growth in their membership, the church began looking for a new location.  After receiving approval from the Smithfield Town Council, the church will build a 4,240 square foot facility on a 1.879 acre parcel on the west side of the intersection of Blount and E. Lee Streets in East Smithfield.

Contractors plan to include between 60 and 62 parking spaces, more than the minimum of 52 spaces required under town ordinances.  Church steeples are exempt from maximum height restrictions in the city limits.

The applicant, Leonard D. Spruill, was given approval for construction of the new church pending completion of a landscape plan, storm water plan, lighting plan, utility plan, and grading plan being submitted to the Town of Smithfield.

No one spoke in opposition of the new church during a June 5th public hearing before the Smithfield Town Council.