Four Oaks Property Tax Rate Increasing 7 Percent

(Left to right) Four Oaks Mayor Linwood Parker answers a question from a citizen about the town budget during Monday night’s meeting as Councilman Vic Medlin and Chris Haley look on. Photo

Four Oaks – The Four Oaks Town Council adopted a new $1,722,100 fiscal year budget Monday night that includes an increase in the property tax rate, water and sewer fees, and garbage collection.

The 2018-19 spending plan includes a 7 percent increase in the property tax rate from 42 to 45 cents per $100 valuation.

The budget includes a 3 percent cost of living increase for town employees and moving a part-time police officer’s position to full-time.

Trash collection rates will increase $2 per month. Water and sewer rates will increase 5 percent to offset a wholesale rate increase from the County.

Mayor Linwood Parker said it will cost the town $7,000 per employee this year for healthcare insurance.  8 cents of the 45 cents property tax rate will go to support the Four Oaks Fire Department in the new fiscal year. The budget takes effect July 1st.