Funds Approved To Replace Damaged Greenway Bridge

The Smithfield Town Council has agreed to replace a damaged bridge on the Buffalo Creek Greenway.

During the February meeting of the Smithfield Town Council, Parks and Recreation Director Gary Johnson said damage to one of the Greenway bridges was “unusually severe.”  Johnson said the parks and rec staff inspects the Greenway and bridges at least once a week and during a recent inspection found the subflooring of one bridge was “rapidly rotting and deteroriating.”  Other bridges built on the Greenway are in good shape.  “It’s very unusual,” he said.

Johnson said the condition of the bridge was still adequate for pedestrians and bicycles to cross, however, it would be unsafe for any load-bearing vehicles including Police and Fire ATV’s that sometimes use the Greenway trails during emergencies.

Johnson said four contractors were asked to visit the site and provide repair estimates. All the contractors agreed the bridge should be rebuilt to ensure its integrity.  Two of the four contractors submitted bids.  Blueprint Construction submitted the lowest bid of $14,000.

The Council voted unanimously to award the bid to replace the Greenway bridge.   Town Manager Mike Scott said the Town will seek a $10,000 grant to offset the costs.  Scott recommended the repairs be made now instead of waiting for grant approve due to safety concerns about the bridge. The council agreed.