Grants Will Pay For Riverbank Repairs

NC House Representatives Larry Strickland and Donna White have secured grant funds for the Town of Smithfield to make repairs to the banks of the Neuse River adjacent to the Neuse River Trail Greenway.

A $20,000 grant was secured through the NC Department of Commerce Rural Development and a $20,000 grant was approved by the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

The $40,000 in state funds should help pay for about two-thirds of the estimated $60,000 cost of the project.



  1. The river should have something up all around it so children dont drown and adults can relax a bit knowing their kids arent going to fall in the river!!! Heck I even know adults that cant swim but most of them arent going to jump in or fall in like a child!!! SECURE THAT RIVER !!!!

  2. This sounds like a waste of time and effort…not to mention taxpayer dollars. The Nuese has been overflowing it’s banks at that spot since…FOREVER! Who thought that it was a wise decision to throw a little dirt on the banks and cover it with a few inches of concrete, KNOWING that it would wash away every few years?

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