Grifols Recognized By Marine Corps

Grifols-Clayton-FIThe Johnston County Marine Corps League Carry-On Detachment #1236 has presented a Good Business Award to Grifols Therapeutics Inc., a pharmaceutical company on Highway 70 in Clayton. The award recognized Grifols for their outstanding display of the American Flag at their business which reminds all who travel through their area, “America first and her undivided Allegiance.”

By flying the Flag both day and night, they honor the struggle for independence and the sacrifices of brave men and women who have fought and died to defend those Stars and Stripes, the group says.

Pictured left to right: President Sergi Roura, Commandant Timothy Daniel, Adjutant/Paymaster Ken Parker, Senior Vice Commandant Ralph Hudson Jr., Associate Research Scientist II Marine Veteran Tonya McLee, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Johnson, Past Commandant Alfred Peavy Jr., Principal Engineer Army Veteran John Kostoulas, Perry Champion and his service dog Ginger, Senior Logistics Supervisor Army Veteran Brett Garland, GMP Trainer Marine Veteran Tony Lee, and Eagle Scout Coordinator/Public Relations Officer Lewis W. Rice III.