Harnett County Man Scores $1 Million Prize

Samuel James Jr. thought he would try his luck on a Millionaire Maker ticket and found himself a $1 million top prize winner.

James purchased his winning $30 ticket from the Community Mart 2 on South Main Street in Lillington.

He had the option of taking the $1 million as an annuity of $50,000 a year over 20 years, or a lump sum of $600,000. James chose the lump sum of $600,000 and took home $424,509 after required federal and state tax withholdings.

Millionaire Maker is the first scratch-off to offer 30 $1 million prizes. James became the ninth person to win one of those $1 million prizes.

Ticket sales from scratch-offs like Millionaire Maker make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $725 million per year for education. A $10 million grant, using money raised by the lottery, will help Harnett County build a new Northwest Harnett Elementary School, which aims to accommodate a 950-student enrollment capacity.